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6 Powerful Essential Oils for Acne Treatment

Acne has always been one of our worst enemies. Though mostly prevalent during our adolescence, it somehow manages to occur occasionally during our adult years as well. In fact, the acne among adults has been growing. Obviously, none of us want acne on our face, chest, back, or arms. Many people are forced to resort to chemical treatments or prescription drugs to take care of it. This might cause many undesirable side effects. One of the best solutions to cure acne is to use essential oils.

Essential oil is not only wonderful to use in aromatherapy. Many essentials oils are anti-fungal and antibacterial, making them a perfect natural acne remedy.

Take a look at the 6 essential oils that help you to get rid of acne the natural way:

1. Lavender
Lavender is famous for its ability to help you relax. Stress is a major cause of acne and therefore Lavender, an essential oil that has a relaxing effect, gives the best results in treating acne. You can diffuse lavender essential oil to help relieve stress.

Besides its stress reducing ability, Lavender oil has antibacterial property when apply on skin, which help to fight acne from the root and soothe the skin. Not just acne, but even the scars and blemishes left behind due to acne can greatly reduce by using Lavender oil on those areas. [1]

2. Tea Tree
The anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of Tea Tree oil make it a trusted essential oil in fighting acne. In fact, Tea Tree oil can be found in most products used to clear acne. According to Australian researchers, a 5% Tea Tree oil solution is as effective as benzoyl peroxide, but it is more gentle on your skin. [2]

Tea Tree oil is proven to clear skin of acne and since it is natural, you can be sure that your skin is protected. Tea tree oil may dry the skin and so it is advisable to use a moisturizer as well.

3. Pink Grapefruit
Pink Grapefruit essential oil proves useful in more than one way. It acts as a stress buster and this is helpful in curing acne as it is a known fact that stress induces acne. Besides reducing stress, this essential oil helps deal with skin irritation and acne directly by fighting the greasiness and bacteria that are the root cause of acne. The antiseptic properties of grapefruit essential oil also make it perfect to treat acne. This oil also increases your skin’s resistance against harmful pollutants and damage due to UV rays.

4. Cedarwood
Also known as Rock Rose, this essential oil is one of the best multi-purpose essential oils. It can take care of acne and prevent it from recurring. Cedarwood essential oil prevents skin irritation by preventing dust from entering the skin pores which in turn would lead to acne. [3]
Since sleep deprivation can cause an acne breakout, Cedarwood helps solve this problem by leading the body to a relaxed and calm state, thereby helping to induce sleep.

5. Cistus
Cistus essential oil helps reduce acne and works well even on oily skin. Cistus oil is used during meditation as it has a relaxing effect on the mind. The Cistus essential oil can also be inhaled as it helps boost the immunity system. Mostly this essential oil is used due to its anti-microbial properties, but it has been known to effectively help in the battle against acne.

6. Ginger Root
Due to its anti-aging properties, Ginger root essential oil is getting increasing popular. Since Ginger in itself is a cleansing agent with antiseptic properties, it works perfectly to kill the bacteria causing acne and thereby allow the skin to remain clean and acne free.

It helps make your skin smooth and stimulates it along the way. It also helps to reduce spots and blemishes when applied on the concerned areas.

Essentials oils work synergistically. It means you can combine these essential oils, they will work better than using on its own. These essential oils can be added to coconut, tamanu oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil and applied on your skin. It will help protect and nourish your skin. You can also add them to your favorite face and body cleanser to add acne fighting property to your regular cleanser.

Using essential oils to cure acne proves to be a better, easier and safer way than compared to the other toxic and synthetic alternatives. Essential oils have been used for health purposes since ancient times and this is only due to the effectiveness it provides the skin with.

[1] https://draxe.com/essential-oils-for-acne/





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