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MicroDermabrasion Crystals Aluminum Oxide Exfoliant Face Scrub

  Aluminum Oxide – Microdermabrasion Crystals  Add to your favorite cleanser or face cream to create your own facial scrub
Lava Shower Gel 8oz

Aloe Vera & Lava Exfoliating Body Wash

  A mild foaming body wash with white lava particulates to exfoliate and clean skin Gentle scrubbing action removes tired

Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Cream Scrub with Shea Butter

Great for wrinkle, acne, dull complexion, and scars All Natural Improving skin tone and sagging Reduce imperfections and blemishes Bring

Aloe & Green Tea Face Scrub – with Pumic Jojoba Bead

Contains powerful antioxidant from Green Tea and White Tea for anti-aging Contains olive butter, avocado butter, and kukui nut oil