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14 New Year Resolutions for Healthy Skin

14 Healthy Skin Resolutions

14 Healthy Skin Resolutions

New year is here. Looking for new year resolutions to improve your skin? Here is a list to get you started

1. Drink more water every day
Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep you hydrated and healthy.

2. Eat healthy
Cut down on processed and sugary food and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Healthier body also give you healthier skin.

3. Quit smoking
Smoking cause medical condition like lung cancer and heart disease. It also dehydrate your skin, and age you much faster. It is time to quit.

4. Reduce stress
Busy work and hectic life style can cause stress. Small amount of stress is good, but too much stress is bad of your health and make you age faster. Try yoga, take a vacation, read a book, or do anything that help you relax.

5. Get enough beauty sleep
Getting enough rest every night can improve your skin, health, and mood. You feel so much better after a good night sleep.

Try our Lavender Chamomile Essential Oil blend to help you relax. Diffuse the essential oil in your room when you are getting ready to sleep, or put a couple drops on a cotton ball and put it next to your bed will also do the trick. You can also add a couple drops in your body oil or moisturizer and apply it on your skin.

6. Clean your make up brushes once a week
Dead skin cells, skin oils, and make up build up make it a perfect breeding ground bacteria to grow. It can cause acne and skin irritations. Notice your acne is not going away no matter what you do? It might be the culprit.

Clean your make up brushes every week with mild soap and luke warm water. Hot water might damage the bristles and cause it to fall off.
Rinse well, remove excess water, reshape, and allow the brushes to air dry.

7. Clean your cell phone
Germs and bacterials get on your phone everywhere you go. Putting a dirty your phone next to your face on a regular basis is a bad idea. Do you notice you have more blemishes on one side of your face? Try cleaning your phone every day.

8. Wash your pillow cases regularly
Pillow cases can trap your dead skin cells and skin oils every night. A dirty pillow case can cause acne and skin irritation. Wash it once a week to keep your pillow cases clean.

9. Wear Sunscreen Every Day
Screen screen can help prevent skin cancer, sun burn, sun spots. Make sure you wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin and reapply throughout the day.

10. Remove your makeup every night
Makeup mix with skin oils and dirt can cause acne. Make it a habit to wash your face every night with gentle facial cleanser for your skin type.

11. Exfoliate once a week
Help remove clear clogged pores, dead skin cells and reveal a brighter, glowing skin. You can use a gentle facial scrub, or a facial mask.

12. Stop picking
Stop touching your face, your zits, picking your cuticles, your mascara off your eye lashes. Just stop picking!

13. Apply body lotion after shower
Taking hot and long shower can remove moisture from your skin. Pat dry and apply body moisturizer right after shower to trap in moisture.

14. Take a shower after work out to prevent acne/bacne
After a good workout, be sure to wash your face and body. Not only does it make you feel fresher and cleaner, but also help prevent acne and back acne.

There you have it. 14 resolutions you can add to your list of new year resolutions to improve your skin and health. Committing to too many resolutions at one time can be overwhelming. Make it realistic. If you are not drinking much water currently, start with committing with drinking 2 glasses a day, then up to 3 glasses, and build up from there. Having achievement will help you stay with it for longer.

Just pick a couple of resolutions and stick with them, your skin will thank you.

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